Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

"Be the change you want to see in the world" , We started by the idea that there are backpacks, travel bags, beach bags and grocery bags in the market, nothing that is ALL in ONE.  The problem is if you have a backpack you still need to carry your grocery bag as you don’t want a messy backpack, or there is always a plastic bag for the wet clothes from gym, swim or beach, so your laptop doesn’t get wet. What happens when you forget to close the lid of the water bottle or protein shaker, you have a wet backpack. Well you don’t need to look any further we have the smart solution for you.


Introducing the NOMAD SMART TOTE-PACK from RED STRINGS & CO.™ 

NOMAD SMART TOTE-PACK is manufactured using Cotton Canvas which is 100% eco friendly, Our canvas has been manufactured using ethically sourced cotton and it has been processed to be water repellant, Yes you read it right it is Water Repellant. To make it stronger we have aligned it with a Woven fabric that gives it extra strength and stability and the best part of the tote-pack it is LEAK PROOF. You don't have to worry that your wet clothes or Ice-cream tub in the bag will make the tote pack wet. No it wont, we have made sure the wetness stays inside and doesn't not stain the outside of the bag. Than we created 2 large pockets on each side and divided them to make 4 pockets that each can fit a bottle with 750ML of your favorite drink, after this we created 4 straps on the bag, 2 straps that are 60cms long and will go over your shoulder to make it a tote bag, and 2 straps we attached to the back of the bag with metal fittings that can help increase or the decrease the length of the back strap thus making it a backpack.  To keep your laptops, phones and your wallet secure it was time to have zipped pocket but we needed to make sure access to the pocket is only by the user, and so the secret zipped pocket that is sewn into the back of the bag and can be accessed only from the back left side. 


How did we make our Tote-pack Leakproof ?

We heat-sealed the tote pack with a single piece of of Peva to create the inner lining. This lining made sure there are no drips, leaks even if there is water in the bag. (check the video for proof). To make it more complicated we added a Peva divider in the inside so you can have two compartments to segregate your wet from the dry.


Why the open mouth design and how will it keep items inside from falling out?

The Open mouth design was an inspiration we got from the Women in India who pick tea leaves, they carry the basket and the picked leaves are tossed over the shoulder. And than we added a drawstring to close the bag but still giving you easy access without struggling with zippers to open the bag.


NOMAD SMART TOTE-PACK is machine washable, easy to clean and eco friendly.

You don’t need to carry 3 bags any more, just one NOMAD SMART TOTE-PACK  from RED STRINGS & Co. and you can go from work to the beach to the supermarket with just one over your shoulders.