Nomad Smart Tote-Pack 

Your tote-pack does a really good job at keeping your personal belongings safe and clean but from time to time it needs extra attention and careful cleaning. If you want to increase your beloved tote-pack’s lifespan you need to be careful when cleaning it.

  1. Machine Washable @ 20℃ using detergent free soap.
  2. Do not use a Dryer, let your backpack dry naturally in an airy place, but not under the sun.
  3. Inside of the tote-pack should only be cleaned using a moist/damp cloth and do not use any brush or sharp object to clean it as this can damage the inner lining.
Remember, in case of spots of any kind – oil, ink, wine, food, paint – remove them as soon as possible to avoid staining the material permanently. Use a dedicated cleaning product only on the affected surface.